IONIO In Situ Portal

The aim of the portal is to provide access to vocabularies, data in delayed mode, protocols, publications in order to allow user to:
  • know how to find and assess scientifically credible information about ocean
  • communicate about ocean science in a meaningful way
  • be able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding ocean and its resources

Real time data is provided at EU level by the DG MARE - EMODnet Physics Initiative, with which IONIO is collaborating.I

IONIO is adopting the SeaDataNet Common Vocabularies, which are agreed at international level by the SeaVox community

A Discussion Forum is supporting the decision making process there is the need to have competent knowledge and understanding of environmental decision making and relevant key concepts and how different perspectives and motivations of different people and groups affect environmental decision-making.

Funded by: European Territorial Cooperation Programme
Duration of the project: January 2012 - December 2013

Web-GIS GeoPortal for IONIO data

In this section you will find information about the Web – GIS GeoPortal for IONIO data. The design of the information system will be based on the concepts of ‘federation’ and ‘layers’. In the Mediterranean [...]


Pollution Hazard Mapping Decision Support System

This section will provide information about the Pollution Hazard Mapping (PHM) Decision Support System for the Southern Adriatic and Northern Ionian (SANI) area. One of the major aims of the IONIO project is to develop [...]


Ship Routing and Safety (SRS) Decision Support System

This section is dedicated to the development of a Routing and Safety (SRS) Decision Support System. The SRS model software will be implemented to optimize ship routes using the overall SANI (Southern Adriatic and Northern [...]


Search and Rescue (SAR) Decision Support System

Here you will find information on the Search and Rescue (SAR) Decision Support System. Designed and implemented by Hellenic Centre For Marine Research (HCMR), Euro – Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) and ENEA, the [...]